I have a single overarching goal when I set out to plan, create or complete an art piece; to make
something that I consider to be beautiful. Feelings of joy, awe, serenity, peace or inspiration are
some of the emotions I hope to feel when I view my own creations, and what I hope to impart to
others who do so.

It is no coincidence that much of my work draws ideas from nature. The Natural World, in my
opinion, is the purest and most beautiful form of art, and is a great source of happiness and
inspiration for me. Having been blessed with a great love for fauna and flora, the opportunity to
depict them through my personal creative lens is one that I appreciate sincerely.

I have also always been a great lover of fairy tales and myths. The possibilities, magic and sheer
"fun" of these stories have captured my attention and imagination for years. They are the other
major source of inspiration for my work.

I spent many years exploring my visual creativity with pencils, acrylics, soft pastels, watercolour
and polymer clay. In more recent years, I've turned some of my attention to combining materials,  
using the fusion to impart a deeper sense of mystery, magic and whimsy, while not quite departing
into the realm of the Abstract.