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A Scent of Autumn

Apple pie? No, thanks. Not even with ice cream. Unless it's one of those apple and warm custard creations? No? Oh, well.

I don't have anything against apples, you understand. Apples are lovely. Strangely, while I prefer them outside of regular pies, I absolutely adore them in turnovers. What's the difference, you ask? I'm not really sure. Perhaps it's the ratio of apples to pastry. Perhaps it's the wonderfully sweet, crunchy and crumbly texture of a turnover shell. It's the only "fast food" item that I really appreciate, but the homemade version is even better. My advice? Skip the glaze. Brush beaten egg on top of the pies and sprinkle with sugar before baking, instead. Breathe in a scent of Autumn.

Apple Turnover Recipe:

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