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I have been drawing since the age of three when I drew my first picture; a daisy. After that, I was rarely without a writing implement in my hand. I didn't limit my creative surfaces to "regular paper," either; napkins, aluminum foil, school workbooks, foggy windows and Styrofoam containers were all fair game as far as I was concerned.I went on to study Art and Art History at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, graduating with a BA and a minor in English from the former, and a diploma from the latter. I also have a B.Ed from York University.In addition to being an artist, I am a writer, an elementary/ middle school teacher, a chef who greatly enjoys exploring international cuisine, a pianist who loves to sing, a gardener who specializes in flowers, vegetables and fruit, and a passionate lover of animals and nature.Our family includes two Tibetan Spaniels, Keani Evening Song and Khydn Treasured Moments, and a Pyrenean Mastiff, Eoberon Cefiro Enchanting.

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